Ski Kit
Use your Hippocampe in all-seasons and extend that summer fun, with this awesome ski attachment. The freedom of the slopes has never been more accessible with this easy-to-fit ski. Just attach it to the front wheel and head for the hills!
Arm Rests
Make your ride even more comfortable with these optional armrests. They also serve as fantastic mud flaps to protect you from all that "all-terrain" has to offer! Get in touch with the team about fitting them to your Hippocampe.
Neoprene Harness
This neoprene harness provides an additional safety feature for added peace of mind.  It requires a secure fitting to the frame - one that the Hippocampe team can easily provide. Available in male and female versions.
Head Rest
For that extra support, we offer a headrest in keeping with the design of the Hippocampe. A simple attachment to the back of the chair allows the user that added bit of comfort to feel at complete ease.
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